Fanny Sunesson
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Main claim

Former caddie to golfer Nick Faldo. While hardly a life-shattering claim to international super-celebrity, our heroine's position as humble bag- lugger has now rocketed her into the tabloids. Yes, in a delicious twist, one Fanny Sunesson has become the first woman to dump the love-'em-and- leave-'em serial husband Nick Faldo. Let's face it, we know next to nothing about Nick Faldo's birdies and bunker's banks. No. And we care even less. What vaguely secures our attention about the tank top-sporting golfer is his uncanny talent for getting through wives. Now Fanny, his caddie of 10 years, is moving on, possibly for a younger golfer. Faldo is "saddened and disappointed." Oh, the frisson of a well-punctured ego.


Stolid yet sterling Wimbledon champion, mysteriously less favoured by sponsors than lower-ranking exponents of the blonde pigtail. Skiing coach. Unmarried aunt.

Bags to riches

Fanny is a Swedish doctor's daughter, and plays off a handicap of five herself, whatever that may mean. As established, Fanny the caddie is no ordinary factotum of the fairways. Through her stalwart shouldering of a 40lb bag, her golfing knowledge, her fitness, and above all her discretion over her boss's alarmingly colourful love life, she has become that rare being, a caddying millionairess. Fanny, 31, netted over pounds 200,000 a year when the womanising one was at his peak

Young blood

Nick Faldo, 42, has so far dumped two wives, one glamorous girlfriend, and announced plans to marry a 26-year-old, in each case leaving the original for a younger version. He blames his slump in form on his somewhat turbulent love life. Our Fanny is now rumoured to be going to work for Sergio Garcia, a 19-year-old. Touche!

Fame prospects

Very good. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, shows how you can become a celeb in your own right without spilling the beans. Fox-trotting with celebrities, penning tomes, signing autographs, he's clearly enjoying his new-found stardom. How about a little syndicated column, Fanny? A line in tank tops? Hurrah for the humble assistant.