Why are they famous: Alice Ferguson

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Main claim

Her Fergieness. Alice Ferguson is half-sister to the great Fergie herself, and may the good Lord help her. Let's face it, an entire industry of a dubious nature has sprung up around the Ginger Spice of the House of Windsor. First we had the galloping Major, followed by bald boyfriends, a far-flung sister, and suspect psychic advisers, the whole crew merrily embraced by celebrity magazines quite prepared to salivate over quasi- royal scions. Now the little princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, alarmingly equipped with manic-eyed Fergie beam, are causing something of a press flutter with their pirouettes and cutie matching outfits. Finally, we have Alice, a Valkyrian six footer who has just come out as a debutante, taken on modelling assignments, posed beside the carroty one, and shows all the signs of becoming a Hello! favourite.


Antidote to Fergie. Vaguely pretty blonde beanpole. Standard teenager of pleasant yet bland appearance fortuitously blessed with lofty supermodel stature.

Fame game

Alice, 17, is the daughter of Fergie's dad, "galloping" Major Ron Ferguson, and his second wife Susan. She is doing her A-levels and was recently introduced, as Hello! would have it, to the "world of high society and haute couture" at some kind of a debs do, wearing baby blue Dior and an embarras de pearls resembling a tribal neck extender. With a 22-year age gap between them, Fergie and young Alice are nevertheless great muckers. After posing cheerfully for a seven-page colour spread with the world's most famous practitioner of the "toe job", Alice has this to say with regards to impending fame: "In a way it would scare me to have all my privacy taken away, but I've never really thought about it because I don't really expect it to happen." Adds Fergie: "I hope Alice never has to go through the learning curve of life like I have had to do. I hope she will come to terms with feelings in her heart and soul and not have to learn them by being totally humiliated."

Teen queen

The Fergie-ling enjoys riding, sport, and recently went to Brazil. At her debby knees-up, she was, naturally, described as the "belle of the ball". Hurrah.

Fame prospects

Some have fame thrust upon them - and then some encourage it just a touch. A new character for the royal soap spin-off is more than welcome, but please note, Alice - the naughtier, the better. Any balding Texans or Euro counts on the horizon? A sudden and passionate interest in reflexology, perhaps?