why are they famous? : caprice bourret

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Main Claim: Breasts and prunes. Caprice, currently fully booked promoting National Prune Week, launched an entire career, like La Hurley before her, by appearing half-naked in public. Promoting Wonderbra, she strolled on stage at the National Television Awards in a see-through whisper of Versace lace. Inevitable press uproar. Not that she'd ever have anticipated it.

Stop press: Doughty old Trevor McDonald is now getting his knuckles rapped over the Bourret bosom affair. G0bsmacked host at the aforementioned awards, he referred to Wonderbra three times. His excessive free advertising has now been attacked by the Independent Television Commission.

Appearance: Hitchcock heroine meets Karen Mulder. Her preternatural, glacial gorgeousness is in the classic platinum ice maiden mould. Caprice should forget the bosom thrusty poses and become a towering catwalk freak: An echt supermodel.

It Girl: Ms Bourret, 23, first hit our screens on Filthy Rich: Daddy's Girls, an account of two It girls and one wannabe. Charlotte, an affected best pal of model Caprice's, cooed all over our heroine and sported the same hairdo, but couldn't match her for looks. Caprice drawled her way throughout, but somehow her nascent star quality shimmered through all the ridiculousness.

Past Perfection: No skeletons in Caprice's closet, so this will be short. Healthy, happy upbringing in California. Miss Teen California at 16. Now shares flat with pal in West London. No drinking or smoking. Many prunes and gym visits. Recently split up with property developer boyfriend.

Fame Prospects: Caprice could promote all-day lipstick and get a bitpart in Top Gun 5. or she could date Sylvester Stallone and become a Bond Girl, "Wearing that dress was one of the best things I ever did," she says with refreshing honesty. Boasting an impossibly glamorous Dynasty type name (Fallon, Bliss, Sable etc.) and looks a-plenty, she could go far. "I'm thinking of bringing out a fitness video," says Caprice. Don't do it, darling.