Main claim

Ersatz Aled Jones. The voice of an angel. Cardiff's very own Shirley Temple. Charlotte Church is the miniature singing sensation who has suddenly come over all of a superstarlet. Still barely pushing adolescence, she has graduated from St Winifred's School Choir-style novelty act to shuddering international celebrity status. Indeed, it's all happening for little miss angel lungs. On 21 December, she is to be the first ever singer to perform live at that exciting Dome of ours. She has just released her debut single, is currently the biggest selling UK artiste in the US, and tonight the little poppet in question is to ply her untried thespian skills in, well, an episode of Heartbeat. Take out your hankies, readers, for the mini-chanteuse is to sing. Alternatively, switch over to Ballykissangel.


Disney chipmunk. Teen round winner in Mariah Carey contest. Championship pedigree cavy in "casual" mode. Model in TV ad for Junior Miss make-up and mirror set.

Little voice

Charlie-bach was brought up lovely and ordinary and unspoilt, you understand, in a suburb of Cardiff. The little nightingale was produced prodigiously precociously. Now 13, she was three when she took to leaping upon the holiday camp stage. Charlotte is the only child of loving parents with a large extended family featuring a showbiz aunt. Little golden voice took singing lessons, and sang live down the telephone in a Richard and Judy talent competition. A five-album deal with Sony ensued.

Big voice

The Church house special is a rich, creamy, grown diva's boom that takes all by surprise when emitted by a child of tender years. She has "the voice of a 20-year-old", admits her mother. As she happily informs one press interviewer after another, Charlotte's ambition is to sing "at La Scala in Milan and get a standing ovation". Quite possible for a pubescent who has managed to conquer America, meet Popes and Spice Girls, croon for Prince Chaz, and sell over 2 million copies of her debut album. However, some feel that the minuscule pair of lungs are being made to perform material of a far too womanly nature and may suffer the strain. Do wear a scarf outdoors, Charlotte.

Fame prospects

Well, it's lung nodules or La Scala for our protagonist. Remember - Aled's voice broke. Let us just hope that young Charlotte's doesn't too. In the meantime, she still posesses lung power aplenty. And she can rival Sir Cliff for the festive season's granny vote.