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Main claim

Ginger Whinger. Chris Evans, is the nation's most virulently red-headed entertainer, variously viewed as a contemporary genius and a prize pain in the arse. Now, in a media-pleasing red fest, he is said to be in love with Geri Halliwell. Uh huh? All this has erupted just in time for Geri's new single. Ooh, and did we forget to mention that

Ginger is currently trying to float on the stock market for the princely sum of pounds 200m? Go figure, fact fans. All hail the publicity machine.


Stubbled nerd. Four eyes. Windbag. Mick Hucknall meets Boris Becker. Austin Powers meets a bottle of cochineal.

Big break

Chris Evans, 33, burst into our breakfast nooks in 1992 with Channel 4's The Big Breakfast, all popping toast, careering cameramen, and sensible sidekicks. His televisual genius was declared. Then he upped sticks to front Don't Forget your Toothbrush and TFI Friday. Meanwhile, he dominated the airwaves with a pounds 1.4m-a-year job as Radio 1's breakfast host, where he slagged off colleagues on air before walking out. He set up his own company, Ginger Productions, and went to front Virgin's morning show.

Home boy

Our hero was born on April Fools' Day and brought up on a Warrington council estate. His father died when he was 14. The ginger one worked as shop assistant, Tarzan-o-gram and forklift truck driver before progressing to Manchester's Piccadilly Radio, followed by GLR. He is now a millionaire and has homes in Kent and Belgravia. Well, naturally.

Ginger on Ginger

The Ginger Whinger sired one daughter, Jade, by his childhood girlfriend. He then boasted a wife, presenter Carol McGiffin, for two years. He also dated model Rachel Tatton-Brown, pop singer Kim Wilde and his TV producer Suzi Aplin. "Chris loves Chris, that's all you need to understand," a friend gladly explains. Enter the other ginger one.

Fame prospects

Tiresomely bullish. Chris'n'Geri as the Posh'n'Becks of the millennium? There go five issues of OK!. There go all remnants of good taste. Ginger is the new black. God save us.