Main Claim: TV's sex siren and Loaded-style phwoaarghette. The star with a name like a children's cartoon character is now caught up in a rumpus (tabloids, condoms, an MP speaks). Dani is to present LWT's Live At The Capital Cafe, featuring an "armchair-pulling" section, in which viewers compete for a date with a stranger and are offered a London hotel honeymoon suite complete with king-size bed. Lovely. LWT denies reports that the couples will be provided with free condoms. MP Ann Widdecombe on the matter: "In any other circumstances, procuring sex would be called pimping." A spokeswoman for LWT: "We are not promising to arrange sex between strangers - they could invite their parents along if they wanted." As you do.

Appearance: Edgware beck meets Veronica Lake. Dani's weight and looks visibly vacillate; a heartbreakingly beautiful, slender glory with off- centre brown gaze one month, and a junior Vanessa Feltz the next.

Dani Boys: Dani most famously walked out with footballing love-god Ryan Giggs. Ryan's ball skills simultaneously hit a sticky patch, inspiring crowds at Old Trafford to roar, "Stop shagging Giggsy" when she graced the stands. Dani blames that demon, that beast, the press, for their break- up. Dani now poses alone in racing cars, invests in a racing track, is a famous live-at-home (see Mandy Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Baby Spice) and decorates tabloids and the Guardian at the slightest picture editor's excuse.

Girl Power: As an infant starlet in the making, Dani was chosen for non- hit, wonder-girl band Hope, Faith and Charity. The Spice Girl manque then appeared as if from nowhere on The Word, a ferociously, precociously, fully rounded professional: a glorious, blonde, teenaged vamp, a study in styling, her accent veering between pure Norf London glottal stoppery and throaty, husky, middle-class precision. And oh, what a cool unflustered babe she was after the pouting shenanigans of Amanda de Cadenet.

Small Screen Siren: Dani vehicles such as Dani Dares and Hotel Babylon followed her debut, while Word sidekick Terry Christian hit the heady heights of a co-writing credit on the fab big- brother Gallagher's book about his famous brothers.

Fame Prospects: Dani still needs a major show on her CV. Enough late- night Channel 4 smouldering. Dani should hoof it to Hollywood to take over where Amanda Donohoe got too old. If that plump, bumbling wild child de Cadenet can do it, Dani can do it better. Time to drop the race tracks, home cooking and LWT gigs and make friends with Keanu Reeves.