Main Claim

The Cliff Richard of the Nineties. Darren is known for crooning such hits as Summer Holiday. He is also known for parading his latest undersized soap star girlfriend in celebrity magazines. "I've messed up a lot in the last two years and I really lost the plot," he says. Well - yes, Darren. Now our protagonist, 30, is back on that West End stage starring in Grease. He has also set an autumn date for his wedding to Isla Fisher - a former soap actress of slender demeanour.


Blow dried, highlighted, sun-lamped lovely. Balearic beach boy favouring the sideburn and the silver chain meets Eighties Australian soap star. Jason Donovan before he hit the clubs and everything else.

Show Boy

Darren Day is Essex man. Born in Colchester, he became a semi- professional snooker player after leaving school. It all makes terrible sense somehow. Our hero's future was assured when he received a 10 minute standing ovation for understudying in Joseph. He has since starred in the kind of musicals no one we know ever goes to, and has released a solo album. Oooh. Let's take in a show in London's West End.

Love rodent

Not so much love rat as love gerbil, love vole, or even perma-tanned love mouse, he has this admission to make: "I have been unfaithful in relationships - it's not something I'm proud of." Our hero lived with Brookside's Anna Friel, dumped her, and weeks later was to be found squiring his new fiancee, Coronation Street's Tracy Shaw, through the soothing waters of our favourite celebrity mags. Fast forward, and Darren has left a furious Tracy and is engaged to Isla Fisher, who played an anorexic lesbian in Home and Away.

Fame prospects

"I'd like to see myself in the same market as Gary Barlow. Like me, he makes music people of all ages are into," Darren has explained. Interesting. As for new fiancee options, how about Patsy Palmer, Kylie Minogue or Natalie Imbruglia?