Main Claim: Lanky Australian "super" model best known for her body and boyfriends. Now the two become one as pregnancy rumours surround Elle, 33, who is thought to be three months up the duff by fiance Arpade Buisson. With an ongoing trial over nude photos, a part in the latest Batman movie, plus alleged bump, Elle "the body" Macpherson has become a global phenomenon. Sort of thing.

Appearance: Squirrel on stilts. Local beauty queen with sun-seeking holiday- brochure career break. That beanstalk of a girl next door.

Body Image: While men and tabloids appreciate the charms of the phwoarghish physique - toned and rangy giraffe limbs - facially, her elevation to supermodel status is dubious. Passingly pretty, incisors clenched in a camera-ready rictus, Elle boasts the one-horse pulchritude of a millennial Miss Australia.

Boy Toy: Occasionally stars in fuzzy pap shots of long limbs draped over yachts with vaguely handsome male. Elle has been squired by some high- profile men, including supermodel snapper Giles Benssimon and long-term lover Tim "the hairdryer" Jefferies, one-time husband of Koo Stark. Then there were fuzzy pap shots of Elle and Kevin Costner. Now, she is betrothed to banker Arpade.

Super Woman: Not content with tottering down catwalks, Elle has become a one-woman marketing exercise with predictable range of merchandise: fitness video, calendar, underwear. Along with Cindy and Claudia, she is a partner in the spectacularly naff Fashion Cafe chain, promoting the model-as-business-empire rather than drugs-fed puppet phenomenon.

Fame prospects: There's only so far a singing-and-dancing supermodel can go. Look no further than Naomi Campbell. Elle is Jurassic in supermodel years, has been photographed betraying a little cellulite and has already performed the usual array of modelly diversifications. She needs to have an affair with Dodi, fall off some platform shoes, or take some acting lessons to maintain her international B-plus list status. Or call in Max Clifford to promote her pregnancy.