Why are they famous: Jimmy Gulzar

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Main claim

Mr Scary. Jimmy G is famous for one reason: our hero married a Spice Girl. The husband of Mel "Scary Spice" B, Jimmy has enjoyed the birth of a baby girl, a pounds 2.5m manor house and many happy spreads for OK! magazine. Oh, and Jimmy is a dancer as well. But hark! Eight months into the nuptials, we hear the rumblings of divorce. Mel has called in the lawyers, is said to be living in a separate manor wing and seeking marriage guidance. Comments a spokesman for Her Scariness: "It has been an extremely difficult time for Mel and Jimmy but they are trying very hard to work it out. We all hope they succeed."


Spice Spouse. Mel B's pet companion. Almost gorgeous, almost famous male model who misses it by millimetres.

Spice hunk

Jimmy, 31, was selected to be Mel B's male equivalent on the Spiceworld tour after a Spice choreographer spotted him on a video of a show. He was living in a shabby bedsit at the time, apparently. "I said yes straight away. I always knew I would meet Mel one day," says Jimmy. As soon as Mel laid eyes on him, she knew that he was the man she would marry. He proposed within seven weeks; they split up weeks later, and were subsequently married in the showbiz wedding of the year.

Two become three

In February, as most of us are aware, Phoenix Chi (that means "fire aura", readers) was born. Jimmy promptly dubbed her "the child of the future" to the waiting press. On mother Melanie's progress, he had the following report: "She is wicked."

Wise moves

Mr Gulzar is a former national breakdancing champion. He was brought up in Amsterdam, and he trained as a classical dancer. Jimmy now enjoys "impromptu" pillow fights for the OK! cameras and dancing with his wife.

Fame prospects

We are not talking David Beckham here. However, Jimmy could devise a Michael Flatley-style extravaganza called Lord of the Manor or renew his vows for OK!. Better still, perhaps he could elope with Geri Haliwell.