Main claim

Mick's chick. Luciana Morad is famous for one reason. Yes, our feisty heroine is mother to Mick Jagger's lurve child. Inevitably dubbed a "Brazilian bombshell", La Morad is hardly given to the wallfloweresque hiding of her condition under maternity shifts. Indeed, with her tendency to bare her bump and much else at carnival, while displaying a hands-on attitude towards the press, she has barely been out of the news since the story broke last year. Now Luciana has proved she is indeed mother to the rock dinosaur in question's seventh child with a set of positive Jagger DNA tests. She is said to be claiming a mere pounds 5m for childcare, plus negotiating the biggest offer for first pictures. Oh dear oh dear. Makes Posh and Becks look like amateurs.


Plump-cheeked Corr. Bianca Jagger meets Brookside's Lindsey Corkhill. Catherine Zeta Jones's samba-dancing second cousin.

Missing link

The genetic fusion between one wrinkly rocker and an obscure South American model has made history and 1,000 photo opportunities. Emma Noble could hardly have milked, er, handled, it better. Morad, 29, attended a Stones gig in Rio and met up backstage with the rubber-lipped one, 56. A fling ensued. And so did a divorce.

Mother love

Luciana hails from Rio de Janeiro, used to date someone called Dr Matthew Tracey who comments, "I wish her nothing but the best", and is now mother to a dark-haired baby named Lucas Morad Jagger. She has recently moved to New York. The father of seven received news of the latest product of his loins on his 56th birthday while resting in his French chateau.

Sins of the father

This is a wearily familiar tale, readers. Almost 30 years ago, Jagger was also a little careless with his chromosomes, and found he had a daughter called Karis. Six more Jaggerlets by three more mothers followed.

Fame prospects

With a fine Jagger kisser, a few million in the bank, and a framed DNA certificate in the loo, mum-and-son team could go even further. Luciana should employ Max Clifford, cover an old Stones hit, and befriend Carla Bruni. Hello, Hello!