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Main Claim: Daddy just happened to be the most famous president of all time. Mummy was the most famous First Lady. A harmonious marriage of their reasonably attractive genes produced the most spectacular looking presidential offspring the world has yet seen. Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton resigned from the contest at birth. JFK Jnr also has the same name and initials as his father, handy for reminding us of who he is.

Appearance: Adonis with a blowdryer. John-John, as he is cooingly known, is one of the world's great male beauties. Regulated billows of brown hair top a face of chiselled perfection and a honeyed, honed torso that is frequently exposed. People magazine described him as the "sexiest man alive".

Wedding belle: The eternal bachelor boy - all blonde girlfriends and rollerblades (see below) - has sent American womanhood into a pouting pet with his sudden secret marriage to a mere one-time PR. JFK Jnr, 35, married Carolyn Bessette, 30, on an island off the coast of Georgia. The couple had previously been caught on film having a 20-minute crying-fighting- reuniting spat, and enjoyed a notoriously on-off relationship.

Georgie Boy: John-John is also known for his rather strange US publication, George, a slightly dull political glossy which is said to be struggling. There's not an awful lot to say about it, really.

Blonde Venus: Striding six-footer Daryl Hannah was JFK Jnr's companion for nearly five years. Their relationship seemed to take place in Central Park, on rollerblades. Mother Jackie-0 publicly disapproved, and tried to steer him away from starlets. However, the press have linked him with Madonna, Sharon Stone and even the ubiquitous Fergie. JFK Jnr has allegedly been a far from faithful consort. Shades of Camelot?

Rollerblades: As is evident, John-John has a penchant for rollerblades. He is so regularly photographed gliding around New York's Central Park (topless, with baseball cap) such shots can have little paparazzi value. His new wife met him, surprise, surprise, in Central Park.

Career Lowlights: Our hero failed his bar exams several times. His career as a lawyer was undistinguished. For his progress as a magazine publisher, see above. It has been cruelly hinted that America's equivalent of Prince William is a bit of a himbo.

Fame Prospects: Age can barely wither him, and he has a photogenic blonde for a wife. JFK Jnr's fame will probably peak in the next couple of years, then he'll have to be unfaithful, enter politics or take the rest of his clothes off in Central Park if interest is to be sustained. His decision to marry a PR was a wise fame move.