Main claim

HRH of the millennium. Blue blood and all that. Minus the odd revolution or republican skirmish, Prince William looks set to be our future reigning monarch. Forelocks out, readers. But more importantly, our hero is the living, eyelash-fluttering incarnation of the greatest star of them all: his late mother, Princess Diana. So marked is this resemblance, William is now the throbbing young favourite of The Windsors, the nation's most loved soap. Fergie has parodied herself into oblivion; Charles is too dull, Camilla too sensible; young Harry is as yet a mere pubescent bit player. So we turn to the towering heart-throb that is William Windsor, 17 last week. Latest news is that our royal protagonist has not only been elected a prefect at his top public school, Eton, but has been voted into Pop, the school's small and highly exclusive sixth form society. Must be a popular sort of lad, then.


Walking, talking Princess Diana plus testosterone. Boy English rose meets beefy Windsor scion meets male catwalk star. Michelangelo's David modelled on Prince Andrew pre-Duke of Pork paunch.

Top guns

Princes Philip, Charles and Edward were all made head boy of Gordonstoun. Edward also won a place at Cambridge University with such screamingly bad A-levels a poly would hardly have got excited. Now young William, prefect and Popper, is said to be thinking of Oxford.

Vital statistics

Remarkably handsome, especially for a royal. However, he is shy and understandably camera-wary. The future King of England sports 39 per cent English blood, and is variously reported to boast interests in hunting, pop music and Pamela Anderson. Having suffered both extraordinary privilege and terrible tragedy, he does well to appear half-way normal. His mother's legacy clearly lives on.


The press has been in constant attendance. A paparazzo caught our hero as toddler having a pee in his school playground. Ever since the movie star looks set in, he has been assailed by eager Canadian adolescents.

Fame prospects

William's future path will ensure either dirges of "God Save Our King", or republican dinner party games of Where Are They Now? Either way, Wills Windsor is forced to become more famous than Elvis. Gawd bless you, lad.