Main claim

The Riviera's resident superstar. The glammiest Grimaldi, daughter of a prince and an actress and scion of the tragedy-blasted dynasty that rules the twinkling principality of Monaco. After several spectacularly ghastly events, Princess Caroline has found happiness in the shape of one Prince Ernst of Hanover. As a formerly obscure Euro royal (and great- grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm), neither playboy nor bodyguard, he is deemed a highly suitable consort and has received the official stamp of approval. This week, Caroline and Ernst were quietly married, and Caroline is said to be pregnant.


Ageing French schoolgirl beauty. Carole Bouquet meets Jenny Agutter in lipgloss. Seventies Euro supermodel. Princess Stephanie on oestrogen.

Fame game

Born into a family of superstars in a gambling haven dripping with soapish celebrity, sex scandals and tax exiles, Caroline was destined for inescapable fame. She proceeded to live a colourful life though, unlike her sister Stephanie, careers in swimwear design and pop singing have not so far tugged her down the path of self-promotion. Caroline is better known for husbands than bodyguards or turquoise bikinis.

Man trouble

As a spoilt young beauty, Caroline defied parental advice and married a playboy, Philippe Junot. Said marriage was annulled within two years. She then wed Stefano Casiraghi, a handsome blond Italian, by whom she had three children. The Grimaldi curse hit again when Casiraghi was killed in a powerboat accident. Actor Vincent Lindon later retreated with Caroline to her Provence farmhouse, but little would comfort her. In steps the princeling.

True prince

A chubby-chopped, wild-haired four-eyes with a ruddy yet kindly face, Prince Ernst of Hanover has known our protagonist for most of her life. In fact, he was earmarked by the late Princess Grace as fine spouse material before Caroline bolted with her playboy. Spotted leaving Caroline's Paris house and skiing in Austria with the Princess while still married to his first wife, Ernst earned the honour of becoming a Hello! favourite, often portrayed only with the aid of a zoom lens. Now he can stand on balconies.

Fame prospects

Caroline finally has a jolly sensible royal of a husband, and all's right with the world. For future soapy highlights, keep an eye on daughter Charlotte, a beautiful Princess Caroline look-alike who's already wearing lipgloss with her braces.