Why are they famous: Rachel Hunter

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Main claim

Ageing old rock dinosaur with shaggy bottle-brush hair-do(n't), an obstinate way with tartan, and a tendency to ask all and sundry if he's sexy. Yes, "supermodel", ahem, Rachel Hunter may be, but she is known above all for having married the king of uncool, Rod Stewart. In a surprise move, our heroine has announced her separation from the wrinkly one, though she is "battling" to save her marriage. Perhaps she thinks he is, after all, somewhat sexy after all? Watch this space...


Blue-eyed, blonde-haired local lovely with portfolio of "studio" shots and a mum who thinks she's ever so pretty. Larger than average winner of Under-Fives Little Miss North Carolina beauty pageant. Chunky-featured tall blonde of bland appearance and mysterious supermodel status.

Fame game

As soon as she took up with her craggy Scot, he of the 50-something renditions of Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?, Sailing and Maggie May, Rachel Hunter became something of a celebrity-ette. Since she was not challenging Naomi Campbell for world's-most-famous-model status at the time, it is fair to comment that linking her fortunes with the Tartan Terror smoothed her path to the gossip columns. Said gravel-toned spouse is worth an estimated pounds 60m, with homes in Epping Forest, Beverly Hills and Palm Beach. Rach 'n' Rod got hitched in 1990 after the obligatory whirlwind romance, Britt Ekland, Joanna Lumley, Susan George and a generally large bevy having gone before the second Mrs Stewart. The couple had two children, Renee, six, and Liam, four. Rod is 54, Rachel 30. They deny any problems with age difference. But of course they do.

Star turn

Our heroine was born in New Zealand, a country of many sheep and few supermodels. She has a mother and sister who look exactly like her. A few months ago, Rachel dyed her hair dark brown. And there we have some of the salient points, readers.

Wedding bells

In 1995, Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart managed to say once more what they had already said five years ago. Rachel wore a cream silk wedding gown although she was already married, and the craggy old rocker sported a bit of Dolce & Gabbana. Hymns were sung and a ring was bought, thus ensuring publicity without having to do anything. The "Renewal of Vows" has turned out to be a popular celebrity custom.

Fame prospects

There's always Mick Jagger.