Main claim

Rubber-faced political satirist. Thinking man's comedian. From now on, will be best-known for succumbing to a Hello!-style whirlwind romance.

Divorced once already, our hero has romanced society painter Tessa Campbell Fraiser for all of eight weeks but has already proposed, proclaiming to be "thrilled and so very very happy". Of the many things they have in common, the most important is that they both hail from Edinburgh. Obviously.


Cherub with a hangover. Paddy Ashdown with a wonky facelift. Shane Warne's dad. Being an impressionist, Rory habitually takes on a number of hilarious guises including Maggie Thatcher, Tony Blair, Barry Norman. And why not?

Important connections

All very OK yah. Rory, 38, is a bit posh. His background is public school, rugby, financier girlfriends - the usual sort of stuff. Was a guest at Prince Charles's 50th. And let's not forget that fiancee Tessa, 31, is a favoured royal painter, having painted Queenie herself, although her most infamous picture is the racey (nay, pornographic) painting of a stallion covering a mare in South America. Blimey.

Pursuing perfection

Like most comedians, Mr Bremner is not without his darker side. Though moving inevitably towards a comfy middle-aged podginess, our hero has nevertheless suffered in the past from eating disorders. "I do feed off stress," our hero admits, "and the worst thing is that I'm a perfectionist." Well, let it not be said that there's no room for improvement.

Animal attraction

Workaholic Rory bowled his maiden over at Tusk, an animal charity which he and his blonde-tressed lover both work for in Africa. After gamely pretending to be just mates for several weeks, Rory put his cards on the table, his heart on his sleeve, his money where his mouth is - and the rest, my friends, is history.

Fame prospects

The ideal husband. If he starts to grate at least Tessa can turn him into someone else. Destiny will take the People's Impersonator one of two ways: either obscurity on a Scottish farm doing dreadful impressions in his living room. Or most likely, a future as the new Bob Monkhouse, hosting the Royal Variety Show or Saturday Night Live at the Palladium. What a thought.