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Main Claim: Weather girl made bad. Ms Faber, 32, is currently the star of a classic tabloid scandal featuring a smorgasbord of titbits - an MP, James Hewitt and a surprise pregnancy rumour. Spotted wearing voluminous garb, maintaining a wary silence and living in the country, the former Carlton weather girl can boast an arresting portfolio of suitors.

Appearance: Weather girl. Tousled, leggy, TV type with large lips. Ulrika Jonsson meets Esther Rantzen in horsey harmony.

Social Mountaineer: Ponies and weather forecasts can be the perfect starting blocks for the upwardly mobile - see "Galloping" Major Ronald Ferguson and socialite par excellence Tania Bryer. Devon dentist's step-daughter, Sally learned to ride at the age of five, steps out with the South Devon Hunt, and has an amateur jockey's licence. She first hit the screen by writing to Jim'll Fix It - at age 21. With a reputation for ferocious ambition and a steely desire for fame, Ms Faber appears in Nigel Dempster's column with startling regularity for an extremely small-time television presenter. If horses and cold fronts are reliable celebrity vehicles, suitable men are Formula One winners. See below.

Suitable Boys: While at secretarial college in Oxford, Sally met old Etonian David Faber, grandson of Harold Macmillan and later a very rich Tory MP. She "pursued him with great determination - he didn't have a chance," notes an Oxford contemporary rather sourly. The couple wed in 1988. Next on the scene was the world's most celebrated cad, James Hewitt, who comforted Sally between 1992 and 1993. "Sally was looking for someone with more feeling, warmth and understanding," said The Cad after their split. Hewitt was named as co- respondent in David Faber's divorce case. A pre-marital fling with Viscount Althorp then came to light, followed by an affair with undersized "society" snapper Fergus Greer. "I am aware she is pregnant but I'm sure it's not me," says Greer. Greer's former girlfriend Scarlett Lacey on Sally: "She is always gallivanting around." There is also a friendship with the millionaire polo player Brook Johnson.

Suitable Girl: Sally and her four-year-old son now live with one Tracey, estranged wife of racing trainer Kim Bailey.

Fame Prospects: Sita White, just one of the many fleeting names which spring to mind, was treated to a media feeding frenzy followed by thunderous indifference. Sally should name the mystery father of her child, ring Nigel Dempster with the news, then seduce Will Carling. That should keep her in the papers for another week.