Main claim: The usual merry round of Famous for Being Famous activities. Modelling, addictions, engagements, that sort of thing. Now known as the "Former Gossard model" and fiancee to Lord Hanson's son Robert, Sophie has been celebrating her forthcoming nuptials by hitting the party scene sporting a nice bit of ice on her wedding finger. Sophie, it seems, also nurtures burning thespian ambitions. "I would love to take on Elizabeth Taylor's role in a remake of Gone With The Wind," she is reported as saying this week. Ah yes, that well-known epic for which Vivien Leigh won an Oscar. Casting directors, take note.

Appearance: The Demi Moore of Bristol.

Absolutely fabulous: Frankly, we seem to have a wild young miss on our hands. Our heroine, a mere 21, has lived a colourful, some might say chequered, existence. Her personal life dating an embarrassing Eighties pop star and a rich It Boy - and her choice of a career not known for its stability, long-term job prospects or caring teamwork - mean Sophie has negotiated somewhat choppy waters. But then, the tearaway lovely enjoys a perpetual niche in cafe society. Shades of Paula Hamilton.

Wild times: Our heroine had a slip-up earlier in the year when she was rushed to hospital after an overdose, followed by a visit to a detox clinic. Ex-boyf Matt Goss (that twin in ripped jeans from dire Eighties combo Bros) "revealed" his "agony" as he tried to cope with Sophie's drug addiction: "She became erratic and strange," he said. After her detox, Anderton approached Goss at a club and pushed him until her minder separated them. Oh, the fun of the rich and famous! Oh, for a life of celebrity spats and primadonna dramas! Still, mustn't grumble...

Early promise: Following in the path well trodden by Eva Herzigova, Sophie became the star of the biggest underwear promotion of '96. Gossard's comment on Anderton: "innocent and at the same time wicked".

Bristol City: Sophie's mother on Sophie: "She is a very determined young lady." Sophie: "I was never a quiet child." Sophie won a modelling competition at 15, and moved to London to launch her career. Sophie's been a successful clothes horse, but let's face it, naughty, headstrong minxes with famous boyfriends tend to be best known for their It Girl credentials. As if to prove the point, fiance Robert also dated Normandie Keith and the ubiquitous Tara.

Fame prospects: Robert Hanson is heir to an estimated pounds 50m. Sophie has a pretty face and is not unacquainted with drama. Watch those gossip columns.