Main Claim: The original "It" girl, famous for Sweet FA well before all the other Tania-Tara-Tamaras cottoned onto the gig. Ms Bryer has been doing bits and pieces of proper jobs ever since she was, of course, a weather girl, and from today, triumph reigns - she hostesses her very own Tania show, Showbiz Weekly, on Sky.

Appearance: Cut-and-paste micro-celeb. Normandie Keith after a nose job and a few years in the sun. Lady Colin Campbell's younger sister. Mona Bauwens on a good hair day.

It Girl: Cut up all the slim blonde socialites with thick ankles who can't keep out of the tabloids and you have Tania, materfamilias of the Milk Maids. Tania was grinning at a camera before Tamara Beckwith was expelled from school, and was the most energetic party-goer and photo- opportunist of all time until Tara Palmer-Tomkinson wrestled the limelight in a royal coup worthy of several PR firms' annual turnover. In trooped Normandie, Caprice, and hundreds of blonde socialite-cum-TV presenterettes, such as Catrina Skepper. Now boasting the high-powered title of celebrity director to the cutting-edge OK! magazine, Tania can party with purpose. However, she has been a little quieter recently, enjoying marriage to someone called Tim Moufarrige, and renouncing her space in the limelight to the clenched jawed paparazzi grin of Tara P-T.

Family Values: Tania has parents called Joy and Lionel. Lionel is a dentist. She also has two sisters who sport less peroxide and resemble a "before the make-over" photo-booth snap of Tania.

Boy Toys: The socialite was engaged to a Euro title for ages, one Count Gianfranco Cicogna. "Then Tim appeared from nowhere," she explained. Tania married the French-Egyptian Tim in a wedding with 350 guests (Elle Macpherson, foreign princesses, Andrew Neil etc). The cameras were out in force. "I do understand that when you're in a media job, people like to know about the private side of your life as well," says Tania.

Fame Prospects: "Underneath the Chanel suit there is a very steely, determined person," Tania has said. Non-stop partying, satellite TV-ing, and marrying in front of the Hello! cameras takes a lot more energy and determination than a junior nurse or a factory-shift worker would ever understand. But if Tania ends up doing the usual stint on car shows and regional magazine spots, followed by obscurity, she could always sell jewellery at parties and host charity events in marquees.