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Main Claim: Joan Collins. Tara is the offspring of the nation's favourite vamping sexagenarian and Anthony Newley, some Sixties crooner chappie shortly to bob up in EastEnders. Beaming for Hello!, Tara is this week posing with an empty pink cradle to celebrate the arrival of a yet unborn child. Said pregnancy is named Miel Celeste. "I feel our baby's spirit has been around, following us, and that soon she will materialise," explains Tara's husband, Michael. Tamara Beckwith turned up for the baby shower in a delightful leopard-skin print. Joan Collins was kitted out for the event in soft baby pink. A thoughtful touch, that.

Appearance: Joan Collins wannabe meets EastEnders career girl.

Fame Game: Tara seems to be firmly part of a great tradition: the celebrity child in search of celebrity - see also Julian Lennon, Victoria Sellers, Ivanka Trump, and the daughters of Roger Moore, Micheal Caine, and Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia. Very few can pull it off. Liza Minelli, Michael Douglas and Isabella Rossellini are exceptions to the rule. Tara, please note.

Fifteen Minutes: From time to time, Tara makes celebrity magazine appearances, explaining the direction of her musical career, while her mother poses beside her looking twice the age and three times as good. Tara sings with husband Michael's band. She also writes music. Like the other, more dubiously famous Tara, she has also done a spot of, er, modelling.

Mommie Dearest: Tara, 34, is Joan Collins' oldest child, the offspring off her second marriage to Anthony Newley, he of the beetling brow and sleek charm. She also has a brother, Sacha, and a half-sister, Katy. A childhood as the daughter of the pond-hopping star of B-movies featuring ants and nuns may not have been the easiest, but Joan and Tara clearly celebrate the filial bond with some alacrity. Tara recently married the French composer and record producer Michael Adam, and Hello! were there to capture the happy event. Who needs a set of fumbling Olympus Trip family snaps when a rank of professionals are there to do the job? And now there's the actual birth of little Miel Celeste to look forward to.

Fame Prospects: If, by any chance, Tara's albums do not hit the international charts, she could always take a part in a Joan Collins biopic as our heroine in her coffee bar Jezebel days. Plenty of slap and some good lighting should do the trick. Otherwise, she could take a role in EastEnders as Tiffany's posh cousin. Meanwhile, making a grandmother of Joan Collins is a fine start.