Main Claim: Variously described as an "actress" or, even worse, a "sitcom star", Tea Leoni, 31, is not very well known - even though her name gives loads of opportunity for appalling headlines. But now Tea has been catapulted into fame's deep end as the wife of actor David "Agent Fox Mulder" Duchovny, 36, trophy-male star of the strange phenomena detective series The X-Files, after their marriage last Wednesday at a secret ceremony in New York.

Appearance: Tea is cute in a vaguely kooky American actress way: blondish hair, bright almond eyes, coathanger shoulders that indicate that she works out, glistening teeth and - how else can one put it? - big cups.

Tea For Two: Tea is rumoured to be pregnant and, as recovering sex-addict David has mentioned that he wants a family, he should be delighted. No sign of the little alien presence yet; but as Tea's gynaecologist might say, the truth is in there.

Do You Take Tea?: The marriage ceremony was held at the Grace Roman Catholic School in New York, which David attended and where his mum, Mrs Mulder - oops, Duchovny - is a teacher. Only eight close relatives were present and although ER star George Clooney was to have been the best man, he was not sighted, to use a favoured verb of UFO fanciers.

Hot Sweet And Milky: When Tea met David at January's Golden Globes Awards, she apparently came on like a rocket, saying: "Oh my God! I idolise you - and your show is the best! I want you to kiss my hand so that I'll never wash it again!" And even after Tea had snared her guy, she was still gushing like a samovar with the tap full on: "David's the most exciting man I've ever met. He's not only fun, he's sexy. There's a bright future ahead for us."

Tea Breaks: Tea has had some good parts. She played a Charlie's Angel in the late Eighties remake of the Seventies TV show and last year she played a part in US TV show The Naked Truth, where her finest hour has been a seedy plot which involved Tea as a compromised snapper trying to get gynaecological photographs of big-breasted celebrity Anna Nicole Smith. But perhaps her most celebrated part so far has been as an inept adoption agent who keeps matching the hero up with the wrong biological parents in last year's comedy film Flirting With Disaster.

Turning Over A New Leaf: David, as a registered UFO (Utterly Fanciable Object) has had much pre-Tea female interest. He has an Internet fan club called the David Duchovny Oestrogen Brigade. "Some people have it in their bones to be monogamous. For me, it's not so easy," he has said. Some of his acting parts have been a little, well, sleazy. And yes, he is supposed to have had a fling with co-star Gillian Anderson. But following therapy, he's ready to settle down with Tea.

Rich Tea: While the marriage may consign her to secondary fame, Tea is no mug: Duchovny is worth spacecrafts full of cash.