why are they famous?; Trudie Styler

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Main Claim: Why indeed? The answer can be summed up in a single syllable - Sting. The name "Trudie Styler" holds a firm yet smudgy position in that murky swampland of C-list fame. Mrs Sting, famous for her husband and famous for being famous, because she clearly enjoys being famous, has now been photographed rubbing shoulders with our very own portly Prince Andrew. Husband in question was playing at the Music for Montserrat fundraiser, while Trudes did a bit of shoulder rubbing. In the same week, she was photographed at the filming of An Audience With Elton John doing more shoulder rubbing.

Appearance: Rosanna Arquette understudy. Goofy, elfin, ageing starlet. Primary school teacher gamely playing Joan of Arc to make history come alive for the kids.

Celebrity Spouse: Trudes is photographed on an alarmingly regular basis as a "celebrity", the "Sting and Trudie Styler" double act a stock image. Let's face it, there are wives and there are famous wives. Look no further than Mrs Paul Young, Mrs Gazza, the former Mrs Donald Trump and Mrs Michael Douglas, all of whom posed, grinned and doubled the effort once the famous sidekicks were out of the picture. Trudie is a classic of the genre. She sometimes produces films (The Grotesque, for example, starring, er, Sting), acts a bit (The Grotesque, again) and in fact is actively involved in a rain forest charity. Yet to the public at large, Trudie Styler is Sting's suffix.

Sex Talk: Trudie is also the sleeping partner in all that famous sex Sting enjoys of the long-winded variety. "My name seems to have become synonymous with having sex for long periods of time," admits the guru of Tantric delights. This and lack of contraception has resulted in four offspring. Trudie's hubby is worth a hundred billion pounds and the family boasts four deluxe gaffs round the world. Trudie was married in an embarrassing princess gown, arriving atop a pony.

Fame Prospects: Stay married, pose in all the right places, and Trudes'll trundle along. Lose that husband, and without the "Sting and..." prefix, confusion may set in. Time for Trudie to cut a record or romance Mick Jagger, methinks.