Why are they famous?; Ulrika Johnson

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Main Claim: Phwoarrrh-ish weather girl made good. Our Ully, a Swedish import, was TV-am's resident weather girlie for three years. Simultaneously exploiting and subverting the job's associations with bimboid blondness, she became a general famous person. She then became a proper presenter on the people's top thickie show, Gladiators. She then became the totally surprising searing wit that is Ulri-ka-ka-ka on Shooting Stars. She has recently topped it all with kitsch ad stardom, seducing Gary Lineker in a crisps ad. "I am just a pair of breasts," she explains.

Appearance: Pippi Longstocking in lipstick. Abba's younger sister. Timotei ad on a night out. With her discreet sprinkling of nose freckles, uneven eyes, and sweet girlie crinkle-of-a-smile, softest suburbia meets naughty sauna-miss in one of those packages of blondness the great male public does so-o-o-o love.

Cult queen Ulrika's miracle morph from bubbly blonde fluff-person (see Tania Bryer) to Ulri-ka-ka-ka, Shooting Stars sidekick to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, with her own show forthcoming, owes much to paradox. With her conventional style of presentation ("What do you do and where are you from?") and her disarmingly simple jokelets, the platinum goody-good with a saucy love life trades in humour so subtle it's confusing. "I suppose if there was one way to describe me, it would be, 'good fun, though a bit bossy'," says Ulrika.

Boy Trouble: Ooo-er, missus. Ulrika's love life is a merry round of silver screen sturm and drang. Married for six years to someone we've never heard of, she had a quick fling with her Gladiators cameraman, only to be discovered and stage a remorseful return to the husband. She gave birth to son Cameron, then decamped again, swapping Gladiators cameraman for Gladiators Gladiator. Pet hormone in question is Hunter, 24-year-old side of meat, a breezy buck-toothed Viking with a cheeky-chappie grin whose affair with his presenter has been quite horribly public. Gladiators fans like to see if Ully, once voted "Woman Most Men Would Like To Sleep With", can announce "Hunter" in a normal voice.

Fame Prospects: Ulrika has her own strange brand of cred. "I like to think I am a lot more than just a babe," says Ully. An affair with the Wolf Man and a spin on the David Letterman Show should see her right.