MAIN CLAIM: The Dorian Gray of the catwalk. Blighty's Ur-supermodel before supermodels were invented, the hard-posing godmother to a whole generation of Naomis and Kates. The ageless one is now 33, but looks virtually identical to her mid-Eighties incarnation as British Elle's first cover girl. Starring in this month's FHM, she has revealed the secret of her success is a mutually satisfying set-to with her husband, dried-up old rock star Simon Le Bon: "Not a day goes by without Simon and I having a massive row about something".

APPEARANCE: Nineties-style James Bond totty (read: Eighties-style). English Evangelista. Cool, calm, cafe au lait type beloved of marketing men everywhere - see Sade. Lara Croft meets Pocahontas meets particularly appealing gazelle.

GIRL POWER: As Yasmin Parvaneh, and then as a rock star's child bride, Yazzers was the acme of cool. Now she is establishment: second-rung paparazzi partygoer, mother to dozens, and loyal yet tasty wife. Thus, the tabloids and everyone else approves of Mrs Le Bon, that paragon of paradox, that clean-living pillar of the high life. It's hard to credit it, children, but Simon Le Bon was the Liam of his day. Once voted Britain's sexiest pop star, Le Bon is now a chubby fellow who displays a surprising allegiance to haircuts of the pudding-bowl design. The happy couple boast three daughters with mildly starry names: Amber Rose, eight, Saffron, six, and Tallulah, three.

LOVE MATCH: Yasmin became mildly famous when Duran Duran were wildly famous, then, like Bob 'n' Paula, the situation was reversed. The Patsy of her day met love god Le Bon when he decided he rather fancied the look of her in a mag. He proceeded to pester her agency for her number, as rock stars tend to. "I was very suspicious at first," admits the mother of three. Yasmin, the Oxford-raised daughter of an English mother and Iranian academic, began modelling at 19. She returned to the catwalk post- partum and post-Duran Duran becoming embarrassing dinosaurs. She is now the family breadwinner.

BEAUTY TIPS: "You can smoke, drink, party as much as you like, but lack of sleep makes you old."

FAME PROSPECTS: Fall off some shoes, and do it quick.