After a day spent diving in crystal clear waters, lazing on empty, unspoiled beaches, eating gourmet food washed down with fine wines and gazing in wonder at the star-encrusted night sky it's time for bed.

So you slide between the covers with the ghosts of Demi Moore, Geena Davies, Princess Diana, Eddie Murphy and Kevin Costner. For you are among the elite of the privileged - those who get to stay in The Guest House on Richard Branson's gold-plated private holiday island paradise of Necker.

That's the prize of a lifetime we have organised for a lucky Independent reader and their partner - a week's stay on the most exclusive island in the world courtesy of Virgin Direct, providers of the best value PEP available.

Necker, appropriately one of the British Virgin Islands, is the favourite hideaway of the extremely rich and hugely famous, and from the moment you set foot on its pure white beaches you can see why. It really does give new life to the travel-writer's phrase "paradise".

Necker has been developed with huge care for the local eco-system . There are no poisonous creatures, the sea teems with marlin, the reefs are ideal for snorkelling and the guest house is...very comfortable indeed.

The huge open-plan living room, bathed in sunlight through numerous skylights, has living trees and plants The nine double bedrooms have balconies which offer sea, sky and island views of unparalleled splendour. A huge terrace surrounds the house, and everywhere is colour, fragrance and every conceivable comfort.

All meals are of the highest quality and watersports and games of every kind are available.

In order to enter our competition you must collect FIVE differently numbered tokens which will be published in The Independent this week. Each Token has a space for the answer to a simple question that appears each day. Today we publish Token 1 and Token 2 will appear tomorrow.

The holiday comes courtesy of Virgin Direct who offer the the best value for money PEP in the market. There are no entry charges, hidden fees or bid/offer spread and it allows customers the opportunity to maximise the tax breaks that PEPS are designed to offer.

The investment strategy is simple - they buy every share that makes up the FT-SE Actuaries All-Share Index - an approach known as index tracking.

This strategy has consistently produced better results than those achieved by active fund managers who charge more.

According to independent research published recently, NOT ONE of the 85 funds in the UK General sector has outperformed the All-Share Index in each of the past five years.

Those interested in a Virgin Direct PEP can call 0345 959595 at local rates between 8am-10 pm, seven days a week. You will receive a clear, concise information pack. There will be no pushy sales pitch, junk mail or annoying cold calls.