We would like to give you the chance to win a unique open-topped sports car that has had one careful owner - Damon Hill. Damon, hotly tipped to take this year's Grand Prix crown from Michael Schumacher, will road test our prize Renault Sport Spider, a magnificent mid-engine two seater that was the hit of the Geneva Motor Show.

The Spider, which will retail for around pounds 25,000, has a lightweight aluminium chassis and a 150 bhp 2 litre Clio Williams engine which gives a top speed of 130 mph.

Though the Spider's high-tech interior and racy, squat lines show its race track pedigree, this is a car that was designed for everyday use. Safety is a prime feature, as is driver comfort and noise reduction.

Acceleration, road-holding, cornering and breaking are all that you would expect from a designer thoroughbred. Production of the Spider will be strictly limited, and your prize car will carry the Damon Hill seal of approval.

How to enter

To be in with a chance of winning our prize Renault Sport Spider you must collect five differently numbered tokens from the fourteen we are printing in the The Independent and Independent on Sunday. Today we are printing Token 2; Token 3 will be printed in tomorrows Independent. An entry form will be published on Saturday 9 March. It must be completed and sent in with your tokens.