What if you don't want to conform to these rules? / Getty Images/iStockphoto

"I've seen a lot of nipples at my workplace. But they're dudes so it's okay"

We can’t wait to get hitched and have babies. We love to wear heels, push-up bras and of course, shaving our pits and bits is a favourite past time. Right?

Wrong. There are lots of things women are expected to do just because society says so but what if you don’t want to follow these rules? 

Sick and tired of gender stereotypes, women have taken to Reddit in their masses to vehemently protest against the things they are sick of conforming to.

One person said, “Whether it be refusing to get out of your sweatpants to not shaving your legs. Tell us about your inner rebel!”

Unsurprisingly, the responses flooded in with what women ‘have’ to wear at the top of the list.

“Wearing heels. F*** that, they're uncomfortable as f***,” one woman vented.

Another added, “They're cute, but they're so not worth it.”

Plenty of others agreed adding bras to the list of items they’re tired of wearing.

“Likewise, wearing a bra. I have no issue with bras - hell, I like lingerie - but I protest that they're not optional,” one woman asserted.

Another user agreed commenting, “I've seen a lot of nipples popping through at my workplace. But they're dudes so it's okay.

Similarly, women were also concerned about the pressure to remove all their body hair.

“I also don't like the fact that it's become an expectation for women to wax/shave it all off - that just makes me not want to shave mine at all,” someone wrote.

Meanwhile, the impact that this seemingly effortless approach to beauty was having on people’s perception of reality worried others.

“Pretending something is natural when it isn't hurts society in so many ways. It only creates people trying to achieve a goal they can never reach,” one woman said.

“I mean, I just finished attacking my feet with a thing that reminds me most of a cheesegrater and I'm not going to pretend that the way my feet look is natural.

“I take care of myself because I love to pamper myself, but I'm not going to pretend that it doesn't take time and effort.”

Another concern many women voiced was with the idea that they need to have a career, get married and have children.

“That if we're strong women we have to “have it all.” You should have a career and a family but if you decide to stay home and take care of your family that you're somehow giving up and are weak,” someone wrote.

Others agreed but were keen to point out that just because they were mums, that didn’t mean they were ready to let go of their other passions.

“Romanticizing motherhood to the point of loss of identity. Being a mom is not a superpower, it doesn't make me special or unique or deserving of extra praise,” one parent said.

Another agreed saying, “I am a stay at home mom with four kids. While I enjoy it, it is not WHO I am. 

“I have had other pursuits before we had kids, and I will have other pursuits when they are gone.”