slug sleeping bag

pig Marine officer

pussers kit

tits-up kit failure

yomp long-distance travel on foot, with pussers on back

pinged being seen or caught

threaders pissed off after yomp

Percy-Pongo somebody in the Army, from the phrase "where they go the Pong go too"

dhobi washing

oggie Cornish pasty

run-ashore a night ashore

trap to score ...

bag-off ... and have sex

drip to complain

fou-fou talcum powder

gash useless

Globe & Bustard Royal Marine emblem and nickname

heads toilets, from days of wooden warships when toilets were in the forecastle, or head

scran food

sprog Marine in training

wets-monkey sprog who makes the tea or faces the consequences

t s b thieving scouse


Compiled by Pascal Wise