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The chances of keeping your head while all about you are losing theirs will be greatly increased if you follow the Indian sirovasthi treatment, in which stressed-out recipients sit for an hour wearing a leather crown filled with herbal oil to relieve headaches. It's also recommended for eye, ear and throat problems, and facial twitches. Businessmen and women, not to mention the Indian PM, are eager disciples of the treatment, but we can't see John Major succumbing, somehow ...


Wags refer to it as premature evacuation, but scientists have finally woken up to the fact that Performance Anxiety Diarrhoea (PAD) is no laughing matter, with up to 20 per cent of people suffering from the condition as a result of acute anxiety before a big event. A study at St George's Hospital in London, has concluded that sufferers often fail to recognise the condition, or are too embarrassed to acknowledge it; however, treatment is "easy, quick and effective". Drugs such as codeine phosphate, loperamide, or Imodium tablets, taken one or two hours before any stressful engagement, will prevent the onset of PAD. There's an information pack available: write to PAD Leaflet, Enterprise House, Station Road, Loudwater, HP10 9UF, enclosing an SAE.


A gaggle of alternative therapists will descend on London's Royal Horticultural Halls this week for the eighth Healing Arts Exhibition. There'll be more than 100 stands peddling everything from aromatherapy massage to "voice freedom therapy" (which apparently involves a lot of shouting). "A place to free your body and expand your mind," declaim the organisers - and if that sounds like your particular cup of herb tincture, take yourself off to the Halls between November 9-12. Daily admission is pounds 6, and a free programme is available from the organisers on 0171 938 3788.


Could this be why Vic Reeves's and Bob Mortimer's bra-men are always so agitated? Researchers at the University of Texas have found that brassieres with thin, narrow straps can actually cause nerve damage - especially for those with a fuller figure. It seems that binding from the straps puts downward pressure on the cervical nerve, near the shoulder, causing head and neck pain. The solution? Distribute the weight of full breasts more evenly with wider, more supportive straps; and, say the researchers, that goes for swimsuits too.


Going nowhere can get you a long way when it comes to getting in shape, at least according to Stand Still - Be Fit, a new video exploring the mysteries of the ancient Chinese exercise system Chi Kung, a series of "internal exercises" that involve remaining completely stationary for 15 minutes a day. These intense bouts of introspection will theoretically strengthen the immune system and increase circulation, leaving the body "cleansed and revitalised", according to Chi Kung master Lam Kam Chuen, who remains defiantly immobile throughout the 110-minute tape. Mr Motivator it's not, but those of a sedentary bent should find the whole thing a boon. Stand Still - Be Fit is available from Channel 4 Video at pounds 12.99.