This week, something for you younger people - if you're up in time to read the Sunday papers (old person's joke there). Or, indeed, for anyone who wanted to look like an alien or stand out in the cold weather. For those a bit more conservative, this puffa jacket also comes in black or this season's colour (yawn, yawn) chocolate. B/Wise have 140 stores nationwide and they sell budget-price clothes for all the family (in ladies 10-26!). The jeans featured cost just pounds 10.99 and the white scoop-neck top pounds 3.99. Call 0121 705 8693 for your nearest stockist.

The mere mention of tights up to a size 80in hip in the Dear Annie column above has prompted some ranting about tights. Just who are they made for? Being 5ft 2in I should, by rights, buy small-size tights but if I did then I would be walking against the suction effect of a gusset that doesn't want to stay where gussets should. I automatically reach for sizes large or medium because who can be bothered struggling with tights that just aren't long enough first thing in the morning. But how do really tall people manage?