Yes please... Collared and cuffed

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IF YOU are the sort of finicky person who can never find a shirt that fits properly and has the right type of cuffs, with the right type of collar, in the right fabric, but also think that bespoke shirts take too long to make and are too expensive, then 40 Savile Row is perfect for you. Recently opened, the shop combines traditional craftmanship with speedy technological cutting. Nice friendly staff measure you up (men can have suits and shirts, women just shirts at the moment), then you choose from over 200 shirt fabrics or 360 suit fabrics. Next you select collar type, cuff type etc from the swish display boxes, then everything gets punched into a computer which sends it all off to a laser cutting machine. Two weeks later and the perfect garment for you is ready. There is no minimum order, but should you require repeats, you can do so by phone, as all your details are kept on a special "40 Savile Row" passport. Shirts are from pounds 65, suits are from pounds 455. And, if you're a big chap and ties always end up too short or too narrow looking, 40 Savile Row will whip up one which fits properly for pounds 50.

40 Savile Row, London, W1. Tel: 0171 287 6740.