Good Day for Rahu, the Hindu god of darkness, as the wife of Thailand's prime minister, Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, announced her intention to make an offering to the god in the belief that it would preserve the life of her husband's government. According to a local astrologer, she will offer eight black foods, including black chickens, black beans and Coca-Cola.

Bad Day for Princess Samaher, a niece of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who has complained to police that $200,000 worth of her clothes, packed in 27 suitcases, have been damaged by water leaking from pipes in a Cairo hotel. She has accused the hotel of negligence and is seeking compensation.

Topless Day for Tyneside, as North Tyneside council granted a renewal of the licence for a topless club at Whitley Bay despite complaints of "sexy goings-on". The club promised to exert more control over the behaviour of dancers and patrons, as the chairman of the licensing sub-committee, Jim Hornsby, said: "When people's pants come off it has clearly gone too far. I'm not trying to spoil anybody's fun but I would urge customers to keep their trousers on at all times."