Yesterday was a...

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Good Day for stones, as a Siberian scientist, Vassily Bgatov, claimed that eating certain types of stone can improve your health. After 15 years studying the stone-eating behaviour of Siberian elks, stag, deer, rams and people, he concluded that the minerals they included boosted the body's immune system. He particularly recommends zeolite with wheat and rye.

Bad Day for criminal frivolity, as the New York State Attorney General declared war on prison inmates who have filed frivolous suits against the state. Among the list of silliest cases was that of Brooklyn burglar Anthony Malloy who claimed "$989 billion trillion" in damages because prison guards had allegedly beaten up his jacket when he wasn't wearing it. The case was thrown out.

Bad Dress Day for Dennis Rodman, the transvestite star of the Chicago Bulls basketball team. Mr Rodman topped the list of "Worst Dressed Women" drawn up by fashion designer Mr Blackwell, who said: "In fishnet and feathers he's a unisex wreck."