Good Day for prisoners, as officials of the Italian Justice Ministry announced that jail inmates would be allowed to keep cats, fish, caged birds and other small pets in their cells to help alleviate boredom. The decision is part of plans "to help humanise penal institutions".

Bad Day for gerbils, as researchers at Leeds University discovered that gerbils separated from their mates displayed the same symptoms as human divorcees. They become withdrawn and their sleep patterns are severely disrupted. The research is intended to help the study of human brain biochemistry.

Promiscuous Day for Sheep, as a Norfolk ewe gave birth to triplets, all from different fathers: one Dutch Texel, one Charollais and one black- faced Suffolk.

Happy Day for Henry, a four-year-old Alsatian-Dobermann cross, who was reprieved from destruction after his owner was acquitted of keeping a dangerous dog. Last year, he twice bit postman Jock Kilpatrick, one attack requiring stitches, and the Royal Mail declared the whole street in Chessington, Surrey, a no-go area. The injured postman described the dog as "a horrible- looking brute".