Good Day for a tiger hunt, as the Indonesian government offered a prize of 2 million rupiahs (about pounds 400) for the first Tasmanian tiger to be captured. The animal had been considered extinct since the last known example died in a zoo in Hobart in 1936. Since then, however, there have been dozens of unconfirmed sightings, including recent reports in Indonesia of packs of Tasmanian tigers killing farm animals.

Bad Day for a burglary, as a thief in Oslo called a taxi to take him home when he found his loot too heavy to carry. The driver became suspicious on seeing him waiting with a rucksack and two garbage bags stuffed with silverware, cash, a stereo and other valuables, so took him home then gave his address to the police.

Popular Day for cheating on taxes, as 46 per cent of respondents to a poll in Germany agreed with the statement that "those who don't cheat on taxes deserve only pity".

Fertile Day for smuggling, as a Syrian woman, who looked six months pregnant in her bulging maternity dress, was found by customs officers in Cairo to have 2,000 capsules of a fertility drug strapped to her flat stomach.