Good Day for carrier pigeons, as a rafting company in Colorado identified them as the fastest way to deliver photographic film for developing. Rocky Mountain Adventures want to have pictures of their clients shooting the rapids ready to sell by the time they have finished the run and dried off. The use of a fleet of 16 pigeons has solved the problem of delivering film for processing without the photographers having to leave their posts.

Bad Day for rats and squirrels, as a rat killed six patients in a hospital in Honduras by gnawing through electrical wiring and causing a short-circuit that stopped items of life-support apparatus from working. The hospital was blacked out for 15 hours. The rat also perished. This came a day after a squirrel had plunged 20,000 Middlesex homes into darkness after burrowing into a transmitter. The squirrel had also found that 132,000 volts were too much for it.