Good Day for getting married, as 2,200 couples exchanged vows in a mass wedding in central Iran. The ceremonies were financed by a government- run committee and the couples received more than pounds 400,000-worth of household appliances as presents.

Bad Day for one-piece swimsuits, as organisers of the Miss America pageant voted to allow two-piece suits "as long as certain standards of modesty are preserved". The contest will "focus on maximising each contestant's ability to express her individuality".

Good Day for stating the obvious, as "a top psychologist" was quoted as saying that the death of the suspected gay serial killer Andrew Cunanan would come as a huge relief to high-profile figures who had been warned that they could be next.

Good Day for mowing the lawn, as China struck a blow in the international drug war by donating 19 petrol-driven lawnmowers to a small community in the Colombian Andes. The Guambino community traditionally grow potatoes, beans, garlic and yucca, but had recently been raising opium poppies. They eradicated the plantations after they caused rifts in the community.