Good Day for dead crocodiles, as a zoo keeper at Kisangani zoo in Zaire paid an unusual tribute to their last captive beast. When the animal, a crocodile, died, Moses Imwenza, the last keeper at the zoo, refused to eat it. "It hadn't eaten for some time and was sick," he explained. "You can't eat a sick crocodile." So the body was thrown into the foot of the Tsope falls, to drift back into the Zaire river where it had been born.

Bad Day for reincarnation, as a 50-year-old teacher in New Mexico, accused of having an affair with a 14-year-old girl student, explained to the judge that he was repaying a "debt of love" incurred when the girl had saved his life when he was a 7th century Buddhist monk.

Good Day for a sex change, as the son of a late millionaire in Egypt asked for his brother's inheritance to be halved on the grounds that the brother had had a sex-change operation and under Islamic law a male heir inherits twice as much as a female. The court, however, awarded the brother a full share because he had not had the operation until after his father's death.