Good Day for Hugh Edeleanu, who set a new record for driving a mechanical digger from John O'Groats to Land's End. He cut nearly 11 hours off the old record by completing the journey in 22 hours, 10 minutes and 30 seconds in a customised, turbo-charged JCB at an average speed of 40mph.

Bad Day for lavatory paper, as the State of Florida sued 10 makers of toilet tissue, accusing them of price-fixing. Since 1989, the price of wood pulp - the main constituent of toilet paper - has dropped by 18 per cent, but the wholesale price of the product to commercial consumers has risen by 41 per cent.

Poisonous Day for number plates, as Ryan Maziarka, 21, of Richmond, Virginia, was told that he could no longer use a plate reading "ZYKLON B" on his car. According to a local newspaper, he admitted that he knew it was the name of a gas used at German death camps during the Second World War, but he denied that the Holocaust had ever occurred.

Confusing Day for a kangaroo which has been sighted in a village in Sweden. Tracks confirm that a kangaroo was present, but no zoo has reported one missing.