Good Day for Vietnamese gays, as the country's first-ever marriage of a gay couple was conducted in Ho Chi Minh City. "If we'd known about it we would have stopped it," a police official said, "but we can't fine them because we don't have any laws to punish them."

Bad Day for Brian Naranjo, a Colombian who was believed to be the shortest man in South America. He has just died at the age of 18, having reached a height of 27.9 inches. His ambition had been to work as an actor with the stars of soap operas. "I like all kinds of women," he said in an interview last year. "Blondes with green eyes, tall ones, and especially those who wear miniskirts so I can see their legs."

Good Day for fake watches, as the Cedar Girls Secondary School in Singapore banned its pupils from wearing expensive watches in order to discourage them from vanity. Certain brand-names have been specifically excluded, as has any watch worth more than about pounds 20. As a result, according to a local newspaper report, students have taken to wearing cheap counterfeit brand watches.