Good Day for Nakedness, as the dancers at the Lusty Lady strip club in San Francisco secured their first-ever contract, including terms of employment that guarantee an average $25 an hour, plus the removal of one-way mirrors. A spokeswoman said that she hoped it would show "that we are intelligent women who are doing a very hard job".

Bad Day for Nakedness, as a 50-year-old systems analyst was warned by police that he is in danger of breaching the 1824 Vagrancy Act if he continues his habit of walking around his garden in Herefordshire in the nude. "We have no wish to curtail his lifestyle," a police spokesman said, "but ... if someone is in their back garden, perhaps with a wife or mother, and there is a naked man next door, they could easily take offence."

Equivocal Day for Nakedness, as the "Byron Hands Off Nudism Committee" organised a 200-person "nude-ain't-rude protest" in the resort town of Byron Bay, Australia, to protest at council plans to crack down on nudity on public beaches. The protest was peaceful and led to no complaints.