Good Day for Russian drinkers, as doctors in the city of Krasnodar announced the invention of a type of vodka that is good for your health. They say that Silver Spring vodka possesses antibiotic properties because it is "made with water containing silver ions and passed through a magnetic field". The male life expectancy in Russia is only 58 years, a figure many doctors blame on vodka.

Bad Day for Russian carnivores, as a man from Berezniki, in the Urals, was found guilty of murder and of passing off pieces of his victim's flesh as ordinary meat in exchange for vodka. Police were called in when one buyer found a strip of human skin on the meat. The court found Anatoly Dolbyshev guilty of murder, "swindling and appropriation of property through deceit". The Russian criminal code apparently did not contain a more appropriate description.

Confusing Day for white meat, as the National Pork Producers' Council of Portland, Maine, filed a lawsuit to prevent the Maine Lobster Promotion Council from describing lobsters as "the ultimate white meat".