Good Day for elephants, with the news that Antwerp zoo is installing solar panels which will heat 2,000 litres of water a day in order to enable their two elephants, Dumbo and Dora, to have a daily warm shower.

Bad Day for orang-utans, as reports from Borneo indicate that childless couples in a remote jungle region have been abducting three or four orang- utans a month and bringing them up as their own children. One family was reported to have dressed a three-year-old orang-utan in a T-shirt and nappies. But problems occur when the apes grow up and misbehave.

Brilliant Day for sheep, as flocks in the New Forest were seen to have developed a method of crossing cattle grids: one sheep lies down across the grid, and the others walk over it.

Robotic Day for cockroaches, as Tokyo scientists were reported to have developed a mixture of insect and machine that can be remotely controlled through electrodes linked to its nervous system. Simple commands make them turn left or right, or dart forward. It is hoped that "roboroach" will lead to controlled pollination of plants.