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Good Day for a bull, which had drifted downstream on flood tides last summer, and was left stranded in the heavily mined demilitarised zone separating North from South Korea. An emergency operation has now been launched by the South Koreans to provide food and veterinary assistance for the bull. It has also been suggested that the North Koreans might like to provide a cow to keep it company.

Bad Day for driving on thin ice, as an unnamed motorist in Denmark sank four vehicles trying to cross a frozen fjord. When his car went through the ice at Augustenborg fjord, he climbed from the shallow water and returned in a four-wheeled-drive vehicle to try to drag his car out. But that sank too, so he came back with a tractor. Which sank. Then another tractor. It took the national rescue service seven hours to drag all four vehicles back on to dry land.