Good Day for hydrodynamics, as a new mathematical theory of wave formation was put into practice in the design of an artificial reef off southern Queensland. Thousands of sandbags will be used to create the reef which, it is predicted, will produce the conditions needed for international surfing competitions.

Bad Day for sorcery, as Abdul Wahid Woro, a self-proclaimed sorcerer in Indonesia, was arrested and accused of raping at least 200 women in the past 33 years. He is alleged to have tricked them into having sex with him by claiming that he had magical powers to cure sickness, prevent bad luck and make them rich. Each woman patient - he only treated women - paid 93,000 rupiah (pounds 20) for a course of treatment that included having sex nine times.

Attractive Day for ugly men, as Austrian scientists reported that ugly men smell more sexually attractive than handsome ones. Groups of men and women had been asked to sniff T-shirts that had been worn for three days by members of the opposite sex. Their ratings were correlated with other groups' judgments based on photographs of the wearers. While males were found to prefer the smells of beautiful women, female subjects gave higher ratings to the smelly T-shirts of ugly men.