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Good Day for childbirth, as maternity wards in Washington had one of their busiest periods on record. One hospital surpassed its August average for births only three weeks into the month. An expert said the baby boom should come as no surprise as it is happening just nine months after a long series of winter storms in the area. "It's basic human nature," said Dr. William Fitzgerald, a sex therapist from San Jose, California.

Good Day for female fireflies, as scientists discovered that they imitate the mating flashes of a different species in order to lure males of that species into their grasp; then they eat them. The research has also shown that male Photinue flies are more than just food for Photuris females - eating them also leads to the females being rejected by hungry spiders.

Bad Day for Sompong Luedtahan, a Vietnamese taxi-driver who became a hero a month ago for returning 19 million baht (pounds 350,000) to a French passenger who left the money in his cab at the airport. Last week his voice was identified with that of the alleged security guard who tipped off a radio programme about the "good deed". Sompong has now turned himself in to the police and admitted it was all a hoax conducted "for fun" and in the hope of receiving a reward.

Indecisive Day for Adolf Hitler, as a Berlin labour court failed to reach a decision in the case of a musician dismissed for signing a hotel bill "Adolf Hitler" during a concert tour of Tel Aviv last February. Gerd Reinke said he only did it as a joke and was too drunk to remember what happened anyway.