Good Day to be rich and beautiful, as a study at the University of California compared the roles played by physical attractiveness and wealth in men's and women's choice of a mate. The survey showed that while women ranked economic factors as the most important, men gave the highest rankings to physical attractiveness, with economic considerations being of secondary concern.

Bad Day for complexions, as Britain featured very low down in a table comparing the sums spent on skin-care products in various European countries. While the average Frenchwoman spends pounds 44.37 a year on facial, body-tanning and hair-removing products, Germans spend pounds 29.95 and Italians pounds 21.95, the figure for the average British woman is a paltry pounds 17.33. Japanese women, however, are well ahead of Europe, with an annual spend of pounds 58.85.

Hot Day for families, as the counselling service Relate warned of the perils of hot weather and holidays: "Spending time with the family can magnify problems because you can't get away from them as you can when you are at work," a spokeswoman said.