Good Day for karaoke, as a six-day conference on the life and works of Elvis Presley opened at the Memphis College of Art. Papers to be delivered include one Elvis's influence on Mariachi music, and another described as "the first scholarly paper ever to require a karaoke machine".

Bad Day for killer tortoises, as Frankfurt police captured a

25-kg alligator tortoise that had been terrorising the city's sunbathers on the banks of the river Main. How the "killer tortoise" arrived in Frankfurt is a mystery. It has apparently been living along the river for seven years, feeding on ducks, fish and dead animals. According to a reptile expert at Frankfurt zoo, "it would tear the heads and legs off other tortoises".

Loud Day for Tish Dixon, who took first place in the annual Husband- Calling Contest at the Illinois State Fair. Her winning technique is to put two fingers in her mouth, whistle sharply and wail: "Scott-eeeee!"