Good Day for corpses, as Abdel-Sattar Abdel-Salam Badawi awoke from a coma in the city of Menoufia, Egypt, and found himself in a coffin in the hospital morgue. According to a local newspaper report, an employee dropped dead on the spot when he climbed out of his coffin. "His body was left in the refrigerator as I hurriedly left," Badawi said.

Bad Day for a car thief, as a man was arrested in Egypt after being seen breaking into a car, driving it "a few kilometres", then pulling out the stereo and walking away. Investigations revealed the man to be a professional car stereo thief who had taken it up since he went blind through drinking cheap liquor two years ago.

Proud Day for koalas, as a survey identified them as one of Australia's most valuable assets, with koala-generated tourism worth more than pounds 500m a year.