Yesterday was a ...

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Good Day for Herbie the tortoise, who was found crossing a road two miles from her Southampton home after disappearing from the garden. "I'm convinced someone must have taken her," said her owner, Christine Clayton, "because there's no way she could have walked so far in such a short time." Herbie is a highly valued breeding female, worth pounds 4,500.

Bad Day for frogs, as Dutch customs seized an illegal shipment of almost 20 tonnes of Vietnamese frozen frogs' legs. The shipment comprised the legs of more than 450,000 of the endangered and protected Rana tigerina species.

Rainy Day for toads, as the town of Culiacan in Mexico experienced a shower of them. A small tornado had lifted up a group of toads from a nearby pond and dropped them in a storm on the town.

Ugly Day for beauty, as Miss Canada International was stripped of her title after being convicted of assault for giving her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend two black eyes and a broken nose in a bar-room brawl. "She has lost her title," the competition organiser confirmed. "Because she is a role model, we cannot condone someone convicted of assault."