Good Day for a quick lunch, as a survey compiled by the Brewers and Licensed Retailers Association revealed that an average workday pub lunch in England and Wales takes only 36 minutes. In the North-east, lunch takes only 31 minutes, but East Anglians spend 44 minutes. The most popular dish is steak and kidney pie.

Bad Day for Imed Sejati, an Albanian tennis player at the Mediterranean Games in Bari, Italy. In the first game, his opponent served four aces, then Mr Sejati served four double faults in a row. Then he retired.

Cheap Day for python meat, as the retail price of a python dropped from about 120,000 dong (pounds 4) to 40,000 dong (pounds 1.35) in Vietnam. Pythons are bred for their skin and meat, which is pickled in rice wine for traditional medicines, but this year dealers have been affected by a large oversupply.